Our morning English course,
what does it include?

What does our Morning English Course include?

Our English course is delivered by highly qualified, English language and subject specific teachers.

The course is designed to help our students communicate effectively and confidently in everyday situations. We aim to ensure the process is engaging and fun throughout the students stay.

Small class size learning (max 15) facilitates success in learning English.

In addition, there are numerous opportunities for supporting tutorials and one to one sessions.

As part of a global collection of English language schools, Percival English summer programme attracts students from a wide range of nationalities. Our students benefit from this rich cultural mix!

Advance your English communication quickly and easily

​Improve your English

​Develop your English
communication confidence

Discover culture and
places in UK

Discover culture and places in
other students’ countries

Share and report your summer experiences

Demonstrate your

Morning English Classes
9am - 12:30pm

Accurate level placement test at the start:

Our quick placement test at the start assesses:

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading
  • Oral ability to allocate students appropriately
  • Classes comprise:
    • 7-9 yrs old
    • 10-12 yrs old
    • 13-15 yrs old
    • 16-17 yrs old
  • Max class size 15 students
  • 15 hours per week of classes in the morning plus educational excursions throughout London every afternoon.
  • Classes are designed to familiarise you with the afternoon activities.


The General English Spoken Exam (GESE)

Included in the weekly price:

  • Trinity GESE exam is offered at the end of each week (Quest) for every student.
  • This qualification can be used as official proof of spoken English language competency
  • Certificates are posted to candidates at the end of the programme.

Our aims:

All children will have the opportunity to complete the summer programme with:

  • A certificate in English
  • An experience they will cherish and wish to re-live!
  • Meaningful lifelong friendships, within a global network
  • The Code of Chivalry memorised and hopefully put into action

Academic Add-ons

£395 per week

BSP is suitable for students who will follow the National Curriculum of England.

If you are thinking of attending a British Boarding school – this course is for you!
The course covers the main aspects of boarding school life for secondary school (11-16 years).

  • 12 hours of English language teaching
  • 8 hours of specialist training and curriculum-based teaching
  • Academic orientation

This course aims to ease you into British boarding school life and culture through the fun activities
of Percival.

  • 4 x morning classes per week (09:00-12:30)
  • Every afternoon you will be engaged in fun activities.
  • 1 x full day per week you will be on a Quest to an important British city.

At PERCIVAL SCHOOL, they will learn to function in an everyday English spoken environment and also adapt to the experience of living away from home.

The BSP will help to prepare students to deal with everyday little problems.

The PERCIVAL summer school preparation will help you join your chosen school in September feeling confident and ready to take full advantage and get ahead!

Academic Add-ons

£1,995 per 3 Weeks

Advanced English

Suitable for students entering a British school or university now, or in the future.

We offer one-to-one IELTS preparation course (3 weeks) with the examination taken at our certified Cambridge testing centre.

  • 4 x morning classes per week (09:00-12:30)
  • Every afternoon you will be engaged in fun activities.
  • 1 x full day per week you will be on a Quest to an important British city.
  • Results and certificates are available 2-3 weeks after taking the exam.


13 + (years old)
From £550 per week

12 hours of teaching English through a SUBJECT of the student’s choice.
These courses are presented by specialists and qualified teachers.
Class size varies according to subject with a maximum student to teacher ratio of 5:1

Typical week schedule:
• 4 x morning classes per week (09:00-12:30)
• Every afternoon you will be engaged in fun activities
• 1 x full day per week you will be on a Quest to an important British city

This year you can choose one subject per week from the list below:
From 13yrs +

12 hours p/w (£45 per hour)

Naturally the range of subjects offered is subject to availability and demand.
Some of these subjects will lead to an official qualification / diploma at the end.